Grow Your Business with Gamification!

Inject fun and boost employee potential to pursue daily goals!

Grow Uperion means Driven Employees

Do you struggle with getting feedback, improving KPIs or onboarding?

See how our gamification platforms use simple yet compelling game mechanisms to make work fun, captivating, and much more fruitful! Engage your employees and see your results GROW!

Is Grow Uperion for You?

We use game mechanics to make Grow Uperion rewarding for every kind of team! We've come up with a variety of modules to make daily tasks stimulating and immersive. Say hello to the gamification platforms that work for HR departments, leaders, buddies and training creators alike!

HR Specialists

Upgrade and facilitate your recruitment and onboarding activities with status progress boards, easy generation of tasks and documents.


If you need dedicated employees, solid sales, KPI results and staff that stay loyal to your brand – you have come to the right place!

Training Designers

Create captivating and content-pack trainings easily. Real-time feedback, online courses that hook you in and improvements guaranteed.

Curious how Grow Uperion can be designed just for you?

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Why Grow Uperion?

It's simple. Apply gamification to everyday tasks. This trick boosts employee spirit and improves your bottom line!

Goals and challenges

Change boring KPIs into goals to see engagement skyrocket!


We are all competitive! Make use of it.


No man is an island, right? Bring your teams closer together.

Rewards and recognition

Let your employees stand out and feel appreciated.

How does it work?

Invite employees to your company's gamified world with interactive, enticing tools!

Knowledge sharing

Quizzes, tests, open questions

Rankings and statistics

Individual, team, group summaries

Automated motivation and KPI tracking

Individual motivation funnels and smart scenarios

Commitment to a bigger goal

Feeling the sense of mission, while also having fun

What does our client say?

The sales department needed to encourage its salespeople to broaden their range of interests. The introduction of Grow Uperion, equipped with a fun and relevant message, resulted in more than half of the sales force meeting their quarterly goals in less than 6 weeks during the low season.

Maciej Lasoń

Head Of Communications East Europe, Uniliver