Gamify the onboarding process

Our platform is a creative and efficient way to onboard a new employee! Use gamification to schedule tasks, keep track of deadlines, and most importantly, give the candidate a warm welcome and build their bond with your company and team!

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A Step-by-step Guide

For New Employees to Access all Documents and Data

Applicants, are you tired of entering the same data into your hiring documents over and over again? Don't worry, the Grow Uperion platform makes it easy and intuitive. The system stores the information for your convenience - and the convenience of the HR specialist.
Here the candidate will quickly feel at home. The employer takes care of him even before the work begins. And how? By giving all the answers they need - simplified document creation, details about the first day of work, and all the tasks to be done listed and highlighted.
Is your new employee ready to meet his or her colleagues? Introduce the new employee to the team even before they start work. Our platform is a great way to break the ice.
Nothing motivates more than proof of your growth and success. Show your new employees how the progress bar can keep them on track and give them a motivational boost. Seeing how much they've already accomplished andhow much they still have ahead of them is a real wake-up call.
Are you hungry for more knowledge? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you are not sure about the start date of your work, your future equipment or an assigned buddy, you will get all the answers you need.
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in 3 Stages

Effective and Practical Division of Activities

Did you know that taking care of all these phases - preboarding, first day on the job, and proper onboarding - makes a difference? Grow Uperion is ready to meet the needs of all phases in a fun and stimulating way.
Make Your preboarding draw the new hire into the new community. Show that you look after them right from the start. Here they will find all in one easy-to-use place - documents, future co-workers, benefits and a neat plan for the 1st day of work.
We know about the first days. A new place, unfamiliar people and unfamiliar routines are no walk in the park. But with Grow Uperion, you can breathe easy. Get an accurate and clear plan for your first day: exact times, addresses and appointments in a single place - you can access it from your PC or conveniently from your cell phone.
Now is the time for proper onboarding. Explore interactive and intuitive interface. All boosted by gamified progress bar and engaging point system. Check out the to-do lists for: - Employee - Buddy - Manager
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the Process

Monitor Statuses, Assign Buddies and Create Scenarios

Everyone likes to feel appreciated, right? Our platform makes your employees feel valued through a system of rewards, badges, and fun tasks. The result? You gain engaged and driven employees who enjoy performing their daily duties.
Having a buddy to guide you and help you on an ongoing basis is something no new hire can do without. As a manager or HR, plan, assign and monitor easily what the buddy is supposed to do.
Ready to make the onboarding process easier, faster and more enjoyable? It is customizable, as you can design activities according to the new employee's role, location and respective departments. Quickly create different scenarios and assign them to a specific person through an intuitive and easy-to-navigate platform. Save time by using ready-to-use templates for processes.
HRs can rest assured to control the process at every stage. They see who has completed their tasks and what is still missing. Cross-sectional and detailed status views make onboarding employees a piece of cake.
This module lets you know if everything – including the right tools and equipment - is ready for the employee's first day. Let the applicant get the best experience on the first day – after all, you only make the first impression once.
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