Top 5 Employee Engagement Software: How to Choose the Best Option?

 “To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” –Doug Conant 

There is something universal about that statement made by Conant, an internationally renowned business leader. As a company, you cannot be successful in the market if you don't develop a solid and employee-friendly business culture that supports employee growth and subsequent organisational development. Recent US research on workplace engagement and employee recognition states that unmotivated workers cost businesses between $450 and 550 billion each year. 

Fear not, because we have prepared a list of Top 5 Employee engagement software that can add serious value within your business in terms of employee motivation, productivity, well-being and organization.  

Engaged Workforce Fosters Company Culture  

A functional organizational culture will integrate and engage employees so that it can benefit the entire brand and even future hires. After a flood of positive reviews on employer review sites, people will want to send CVs to your company. High absenteeism, passive-aggressive communication and low employee engagement will no longer be a long-term problem. Simply put, properly engaged employees are willing to give their best to get the job done. And remember - the entire employee lifecycle matters, so consider both onboarding and exit experience. 

So what's the trick? Let‘s start with the basics. Employees who are engaged and satisfied are less inclined to leave their positions and look for other opportunities. They feel completely satisfied and are willing to do more than what is expected of them.  

Disengaged employees perform the bare minimum to maintain their employment. They often make up the majority of most organizations' workforce. Fairly stable, but not reliable when it comes to actively participating in company life or giving valuable employee feedback. 

Actively disengaged employees are often the most difficult employees to work with and can be detrimental to your company's culture. They resent their work and are unwilling to engage, letting their frustration jeopardize the company. We do not want that to happen.

Best Employee Engagement Software 

The truth is that motivated employees provide a strategic advantage. When treated with respect and with well-being as the priority, they are more likely to return the favour and increase their productivity. Overall, they are willing to do more to help your business flourish. It is especially important when teams as dispersed and work on a fully remote or hybrid basis.  

So how to keep people from different parts of the country or even aboard an integrated, efficient and healthy team?  Even the sole engagement and task coordination that actually works can be a problem. 

Check out our list of best employee engagement solutions and platforms for high performing and motivated teams in 2022.   

Motivosity:  Bringing Together Teams 

This tool will prove useful for a dispersed team who struggle to feel connected with each other and hence is less engaged with the team and company overall. This software enables the use of employee feedback tools to create a safe space between managers and staff. In addition, Motivosity provides the possibility to conduct individual employee engagement surveys and create a platform for employee recognition. Give it a try if you want your team to communicate better across distances. 

Teams: Combine Integration and Organisation  

Teams is a very useful and free employee engagement software combined with coordination tools.  It is possible to easily start intranet channels and keep up to date not only regarding business affairs but also to socialise and post fun, integrating content - including file upload. You can also set up live events and webinars for the whole company, no matter where everyone is located. If you want your team to collaborate across distances, and keep in touch through personal, team and channel communication, this is the tool for you. 

Grow Uperion - Best Employee Engagement and Growth  

This customized IT platform enables the application of gamification methods in the workplace to promote the attainment of the employer's goals. You may boost team commitment, productivity, and integration by employing game features such as the reward system, rankings, or motivational funnels. The employee engagement software will prove very useful when it comes to onboarding processes, different types of training, and gamification of everyday tasks so that employees can be efficient and passionate at the same time. 

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Asana - Task Assigning Guru  

With the calendar features, possibility to assign tasks to colleagues with given deadlines and comment options, every project is bound to be coordinated in an orderly and efficient manner. Monitoring the progress of tasks and open employee communication with the ability to tag specific people, share attached files, and discuss content and deadlines make the workday more fulfilling.  It is easier to measure employee engagement.  And who does not like a colourful unicorn as a reward after clicking the "Done" button? Employee recognition is guaranteed! 

Ascentis - complete Human Resource Management 

It is your perfect employee engagement app if you need to combine payroll, a benefit system, recruitment and attendance in one place. Trying to streamline all of these HR-related operations, Ascentic helps to meet productivity goals, automate personnel data tracking and the overall integrity of the process. In addition, the experts at HR can customise the tool to meet the specific needs of their organisation. This employee engagement software is fitting for a wide spectrum of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare alike.  

Increase employee engagement in One Go 

That concludes our list of great employee engagement tools. Choosing the perfect employee engagement platform might be difficult, but if you analyse well the needs of organization, workforce and sector, you can easily choose the software that are suitable. 

If you need an integrated solution to drive employee engagement programs, streamline training, better employee retention and reach company goals in a proven, yet fun way, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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